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The main story of FFXVI. Occasionally progress is blocked by required side quests. There are also numerous optional Side Quests found throughout the game.
No. Name Description
1 A Flame Summoned The night burns red as twin titans clash. Dressed in flame, they vie for dominance—one a beacon of hope, the other an aberration, an affront to the very laws of nature. There is no room in this world for both, for their can only be one Eikon of Fire.
2 To Kill a Dominant As dawn breaks over the Nysa Defile in the 873rd year of the Valisthean calendar, the armies of Dhalmekia and the Iron Kingdom gather, and their Eikons—Titan of the republic and Shiva of the orthodoxy—make ready to take the field. Meanwhile, a small party of branded assassins survey the battlefield like hawks in search of prey.
3 Pride It is the year 860, and with the coming of spring does green once again return to the Grand Duchy of Rosaria. In the baileys of Rosalith Castle, men who have sworn their swords to their country train in anticipation of coming conflict—and it is here that one young man in particular endeavors to prove himself worthy to the ones he loves.
4 Sunrise, Sunset As the duchy readies itself for war with the Iron Kingdom, it's most bitter and long-standing of rivals, so too does Clive prepare to do his duty as first shield of Rosaria— to protect and serve his brother Joshua, dominant of the Phoenix.
5 Lost in a Fog Bade by his father, the Archduke, to address reports of the ever-spreading Blight having driven a horde of goblins into Rosarian territory, Clive journeys to the swamps of Stillwind accompanied by a pair of loyal Shields of the duchy.
6 Flight of the Fledgling The Shields of Rosaria have marched to Phoenix Gate that the duchy's Dominant and heir to the throne, Joshua, might hear the words of their Ancestors, as is custom before any great battle. However, the night before the ceremony, the young prince is stirred from his slumber by the sounds of battle. The fortress is under attack, and Joshua must fight his way to his father with the aid of but a single brave Shield.
7 A Chance Encounter The year is once again 873 and Clive has returned from his reverie to the chaos that smolders in the wake of Shiva and Titan's terrible encounter. Tiamat reminds Wyvern of their mission and that there is no escaping the inexorable fate of the Branded.
8 Hide, Hideaway Promising succor, Cid welcomes Clive into his deadlands sanctuary hidden deep within the ruins of a lost civilization. There, Clive discovers something that had eluded him for nigh thirteen years—freedom.
9 Fanning Embers Word of a Dominant of Fire spotted in a nearby village convinces Clive to set aside any misgivings he might have surrounding Cid and his motives and join the man—though only for as long as his desire for revenge demands it.
10 Louder than Words While traveling through the Greatwood, Clive and Cid happen upon a small party of Waloeder intelligencers captained by a woman from Cid's past—Benedikta Harman. Left with more questions than answers the pair continue on to Lostwing.
11 The Dead of Night The Dominant of Fire has fallen into the hands of Benedikta's intelligencers and Clive, Cid, and Gav must scramble to gather information on their quarry's whereabouts.
12 Headwind In their pursuit of the missing Dominant and Lostwing's Bearers, Clive and Cid must infiltrate a nearby Sanbrequois fortress now teeming with Waloeder soldiers. Fortunately for both of them, Clive knows of a secret entrance.
13 Wings of Change Clive's spar with the Dominant of Wind not only ends in victory, but sees him wrest away her Eikon's very essence and claim it for his own. But before he or Cid can make heads or tails of this curious turn of events, an explosion rocks the caer, prompting a hurried evacuation.
14 Awakening A familiar voice beckons Clive into the heart of a raging storm. Clive follows, hoping there he might find the source of his deep-seated anguish and quell it once and for all.
15 The Wages of Guilt Clive discovers that the second Dominant of Fire, the one who slew his brother thirteen years before, was none other than himself. His resolved to see Joshua's murderer put to the sword undiminished, he begs for Cid to grant him death—but Cid has other plans for his tortured ward.
16 The Hunter and the Hunted Gav has been tracking the one the citizens of Lostwing believed to be a Dominant of Fire—the same man who reduced Caer Norvent to cinders—and sends word to Cid that he has picked up the scent of their quarry. However, it seems the forces of Sanbreque are also on Gav's trail, as en route to rendezvous with him at the Kingsfall, Cid and Clive hear the unmistakable sound of an imperial hunting whistle. They split up and race to his rescue
17 Homecoming Clive and Jill make for Phoenix Gate to ascertain the truth of the tragedy that occurred there thirteen years before—a tragedy that led to them both being abducted from Rosaria and enslaved by their enemies. They are soon to find that the intervening years have been no kinder to the land in which they were raised then they were to them.
18 Holding On At Martha's Rest, Clive and Jill cross paths with Cid, and say their final farewells before continuing their Journey. The road ahead leads North through Rhiannon's Ride to Eastpool, then on to Phoenix Gate.
19 Buried Memories The group ruins of Phoenix Gate are still and silent, much as they were on the day after the disaster thirteen years before. Yet amidst the shattered stone work in blackened beams that Clive recognizes only too well, he catches sight of something unexpected—the hooded man he has long been chasing. Desperate to uncover the truth, Clive and Jill pursue the figure into the catacombs.
20 The Meaning of Life Clive finally accepts the truth: that he is the Dominant of Ifrit, the second Eikon of Fire. Along with this knowledge he finds a new purpose—to unravel the mystery of why he was chosen to bear this burden, and to live not for revenge, but to atone for the crimes he committed thirteen years before.
21 Righting Wrongs Still reeling from the atrocity they witnessed at Eastpool—one ordered by none other than Clive's own mother, the Empress Anabella—Clive and Jill return to the hideaway to consult with Cid as to what might be done.
22 The Crystals' Curse The Mothercrystals are a curse, and curses are meant to be broken. Committed to the path that lies before them, Clive, Jill, and Cid make for the Holy Capital of Oriflamme where they seek to take their first step to true freedom.
23 Cid the Outlaw Five years have come and gone since the fall of Drake's Head and the tragic death of Cid, the man who saved Clive and Jill from slavery and changed their lives forever. In that time, Clive has taken up his mentor's name and the mantle of putlaw that he might continue Cid's legacy and see the chains struck from the realm's downtrodden.
24 Home, Sweet Home Amidst the fallen dreams of a people long faded, Clive and his friends strive to realize a new dream—a dream wherein people of all backgrounds, be they man, Bearer, or Dominant, can live on terms of their own choosing.
25 The Gathering Storm With all eyes focused on the Crystalline Dominion, the fringes have begun to slowly fall into disarray as rumors of unspeakable atrocities abound. To make matters worse, trusted ally and friend to man and Bearer alike, Martha, has gone missing from her inn.
26 Bloodlines Before Clive and Jill might claim their second Mothercrystal, they must first secure passage to the distant Iron Kingdom—something Clive believes his long-lost uncle in Port Isolde might be able to provide them...assuming they can get there first.
27 Black Light Burns The taint of Empress Anabella's cruelty spreads without cease across the land Clive and Jill once called home, but there are those who would stand against the dark tide. Those such as the Guardian of the Flame.
28 Here Be Monsters The ship Clive secured from his Uncle Byron is moored safely in the harbor of Port Isolde, waiting to ferry him and Jill to the isle of Drustanus, where Drake's Breath rises from the Boiling Sea. The two return to the hideaway to complete their final preparations to bring down not only the Mothercrystal, but the Patriarch who saw Jill enslaved and forced to kill for his kingdom.
29 Fire and Ice Clive and Jill land their dinghy upon the stony shores of Drustanus. They make for the mountain and the Oratory that lies within, where both the Mothercrystal and the Patriarch shall taste their blades.
30 After the Storm Drake's Breath is destroyed, and Imreann slain. Clive and Jill return to the hideaway to rest, relax, and celebrate a job well done.
31 Capital Punishment Hugo Kupka learns of Cid's true identity, and marshalls his loyal minions to march on Rosalith—the city in which Clive was born and raised. Though full aware that this is naught but another of Kupka's traps, Clive jumps at the chance to put the hideaway's longtime nemesis to the sword. With Jill and Gav in support, he infiltrates the former ducal capital, where battle between Kupka's Men of the Rock and its imperial occupiers still rages, and together, they make their way to the castle, where Kupka awaits.
32 Bolts from the Blue Kupka is defeated—but before Clive can land the finishing blow, the downed Dominant is spirited away by a mysterious man from Waloed. Our heroes return to the hideaway to try to make sense of these strange developments.
33 Riddle of the Sands Vivian succeeds in piecing together the puzzle of Hugo's disappearance—his Waloeder allies carried him across the Velkroy Desert to his home in the heart of Drake's Fang, where he remains to this day. Clive and Byron waste no time in giving chase.
34 Into the Darkness Clive enters the crystal mines of Drake's Fang without encountering a single republican guard—or at least, none that has survived the incursion of orcs ferried over from Waloed, who have slain and sated their hunger for flesh upon the nation's erstwhile allies. Clive sticks to the shadows as he presses on to Castle Dazbog in pursuit of Hugo Kupka.
35 Out of the Shadow Clive returns to the hideaway and sets about spreading the glad tidings that Hugo Kupka—the man who crushed their former home and saw many of their friends slaughtered—is no more. Those who lost their lives that fateful night are avenged, and those lucky enough to survive can now live without fear that he might one day return.
36 Onward Only a single Mothercrystal remains in Storm—Drake's Tail, in the Crystalline Dominion. Clive and Jill set out to breach the borders of the Dominion and infiltrate its capital, Twinside—now the besieged seat of the Holy Empire of Sanbreque.
37 Fire in the Sky Clive and Jill are ensconced in a Twinside tavern, busily plotting their attack on Drake's Tail, when the night air rings out with the sound of explosions in the city. They spring into action, setting out to rescue Goetz from the spreading flames and learn the cause of this chaos.
38 Things Fall Apart Upon the Phoenix's wings, Joshua flies his allies away from the still-smoldering ruins of the Crystalline Dominion and home to the hideaway. Alas, what should have been his happy reunion with Clive and Jill is overshadowed by the roiling clouds that have spread across the realm, driving all who wallow beneath them to desperation and despair.
39 Cloak and Dagger An army of Akashic have gathered at the walls of Kanver, trapping Mid, Byron, and Gav in the Free Cities where they scramble frantically to complete work on Mid's ship, the Enterprise. Fearing the worst, Clive makes their friends' rescue his top priority.
40 Evenfall Reunited with his companions, Clive learns of the peril the Free Cities face. Enlisting the help of Jill and his brother, they set out into the sprawling metropolis to locate and rescue survivors.
41 A Song of Hope The Enterprise is but a final piece from completion. Unfortunately, not even Mid knows what that piece might be—though she hazards her father did. Clive returns to the hideaway to trace the footsteps of a friend.
42 Full Steam The vessel complete and her mythril engines humming, Mid makes to pursue the Einherjar that they might rescue Jill from the King of Waloed's clutches. However, before Clive and the others can board, the Ironworks's hidden cove is overtaken by a company of Akashic knights bent on violence.
43 Through the Maelstrom Mid's claim of the Enterprise's unmatchable speed proves true as the ship soon takes over the Black Galleon and rams it, providing Clive with the opportunity to board the royalists' flagship and find Jill while Joshua deals with Odin.
44 Across the Narrow But one Mothercrystal now remains in all of Valisthea. To see balance restored to the realm and ensure humanity's place within it secured, the final heart must be destroyed.
45 Footfalls in Ash Having made land once again on Ash's treacherous Shadow Coast, Clive, Joshua, and Gav begin their lonely march northeast to Stonhyrr, royal capital of Waloed.
46 The Last King Torgal at his side, Clive sets out for the ancient spire of Reverie where the ageless king of Ash, Barnabas Tharmr, awaits atop its crown.
47 Brotherhood The mural at Gjallarhorn has revealed that it is not only Ifrit that Ultima covets for his vessel, but both Ifrit and the Phoenix. Their resolve renewed, the brothers Rosfield begin the final leg of their journey from Eistla to the capital.
48 Streets of Madness Clive and Joshua arrive in Stonhyrr to find it abandoned of royalists...but teeming with something far worse. They must fight their way through the city if they are to gain the inner sanctum and bring an end to mankind's cruel fate.
49 Back to Their Origin The final Mothercrystal has fallen, but a new one has risen in its place. A stain on the horizon, filling the hearts of all who look upon it with dread—Origin. There, deep inside, a reckoning awaits.
50 Of Gods and Men What awaits Clive in the heart of Origin? A fate laid before him by Ultima, or one of his choosing? A fate that will spell the end of mankind, or one that will bring the age of gods and myth to its close and welcome in a new era of reason? The reckoning is come.

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