Righting Wrongs

Main Scenario Icon.pngRighting Wrongs
Still reeling from the atrocity they witnessed at Eastpool—one ordered by none other than Clive's own mother, the Empress Anabella—Clive and Jill return to the hideaway to consult with Cid as to what might be done.
FFXIVBullet-2.png Visit Cid's solar.
FFXIVBullet-2.png Speak with Charon.
FFXIVBullet-2.png Speak with Otto.
FFXIVBullet-2.png Speak with Gav.
FFXIVBullet-2.png Make for Northreach.
FFXIVBullet-2.png Search for the Dame.
FFXIVBullet-2.png Speak with Isabelle.
FFXIVBullet-2.png Make for the Veil.
FFXIVBullet-2.png Speak with Isabelle.
FFXIVBullet-2.png Aid Isabelle in finding Tatienne.
FFXIVBullet-2.png Gather at the abandoned chapel.
FFXIVBullet-2.png Sneak into Oriflamme.

The Moon and Stars

Key Items: Fragrant Satchel
Available Side Quests:
• All Bark
• Dying on the Vine
• Friend of the People
• Needs of the Many
• Playthings
• Pride Comes Before a Fall
• Red Letter Day
• The Want Beyond the Wall
• Welcoming Committee
• While the Cat's Away
Required Side Quests:

• The Dame


The Meaning of Life
The Crystals' Curse