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Name Description
Flames of Rebirth Icon.png
Flames of Rebirth
Summon a massive pillar of fire that burns all enemies caught within the flames, while also partially restoring Clive's HP.
Heatwave Icon.png
Summon a projectile-dispelling wall of liquid flame before launching several deadly shockwaves. Wave force is Amplified upon dispelling Magic.
Phoenix Shift Icon.png
Phoenix Shift
Use the Blessing of the Phoenix to close the gap between a target. Both melee attacks and magicked shots can be dealt while shifting.
Rising Flames Icon.png
Rising Flames
Summon a fiery wing that deals damage and can launch lighter enemies into the air.
Scarlet Cyclone Icon.png
Scarlet Cyclone
Spin quickly, creating a ring of fire that burns all enemies in range.

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