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A Man Named "Margrace" A mysterious man that many believe to be the Dominant of Fire. He is rarely seen without his heavy robe, nor his loyal attendant. The two journey together far and wide across the realm to an unknown end.
Ambrosia <tabber>

First Encounter= Born in the stables of Rosalith Castle, Ambrosia was chosen by the young Clive Rosfield to be his personal steed and raised by him from a chick. She is a proud bird and deeply loyal to her master— quickly turning her beak upon any but he who should attempt to pet her.

Anabella Rosfield Duchess of Rosaria, wife of Archduke Elwin, and mother to Clive and Joshua.
August A veteran Cursebreaker, who often leads his own team on Bearer-liberating forays. He also shares his wisdom and experience with Cole in assembling new units and training new recruits. One of Blackthorne's few close friends, who shares the smith's fondness for a tankard or two—indeed, when August isn't on a mission, he can most often be found supping an ale and swapping a story in the hideaway's tavern.
Benedikta Harman Commander of the Kingdom of Waloed's elite intelligencers, who sits by her liege's side at the highest tables of state—most recently in their negotiations with the Dhalmeks at the Zirnitra Stronghold. But Barnabas is not the only one with whom she shares a special bond—Benedikta also has eyes, and ambitions, for Hugo Kupka.
Blackthorne Resident blacksmith of Cid's hideaway. A sullen and secretive sort, who prefers to drown his woes in drink then to share them.
Charon One of Cid's most trusted allies. A merchant who calls the hideaway her home. With a little help from her hardworking yet long-suffering apprentice Goetz, she can source whatever supplies the residents of the hideaway need—provided they are willing to pay. She wears a glass eye in her right socket.
Cidolfus Telamon Cornered by a battalion of Iron Kingdom Crusaders in the depths of the Nysa Defile, Clive thought his end was nigh until Cid appeared and spirited him and Jill away to his secret Hideaway in the deadlands.
Clive Rosfield Firstborn son of Archduke Elwin, ruler of Rosaria.
Dion Lesage <tabber>

First Encounter= Leader of the dragoons, the most elite warriors in the Holy Empire of Sanbreque, who are the first to leap into the fray when the empire finds herself under threat—often literally. Dion is also the Dominant of Bahamut, Warden of Light.

Elwin Rosfield Archduke of the Grand Duchy of Rosaria and father of Clive and Joshua.
Goetz One of Cid's trusted allies. A gentle giant who has a warm word for everyone.
Hanna Murdoch Wife of Rodney Murdoch, Lord Commander of the Rosarian army. Since her marriage, she has resided in Murdoch manor in Eastpool.
Harpocrates II Hyperboreos The hideaway's resident historian, whose love for books had earned him the nickname "Tomes". Harpocrates traveled to Valisthea as a youth, seeking to unearth the secrets of this land of legend, and over the years has developed a deep knowledge of Valisthean geography, history, religion, and folklore.
Hugo Kupka Kupka's awakening as the Dominant of the Eikon Titan thrust him to the forefront of Dhalmekian politics, winning him influence over both the republic's armies and its policy making—as well as personal fortune.

<tabber> First Encounter= He has little love for his country, taking advantage of his position to benefit himself and himself alone. His love for Benedikta Harman, however, is absolute, and he would gladly betray his every ally just to be with her.

Jill Warrick Born a princess of the Northern Territories, Jill was made a ward of Rosaria after her homeland's incessant raids were quelled by the duchy. She was raised in Rosalith Castle alongside Clive and Joshua, who came to love her as a sister.
Joshua Rosfield Second son of the Archduke of Rosaria, Joshua was appointed heir to the ducal throne by virtue of his awakening as the Dominant of the Phoenix. His love and admiration for his elder brother Clive is absolute, and he is only too proud to have him serve as his First Shield. His love for carrots—less so.
Midadol Telamon
Otto Chief steward of Cid's hideaway, who manages the day-to-day running of their operation in his friend's stead—Cid often being taken far and away by his Bearer-liberating activities. Even when Cid is at home, he prefers to leave such busywork to Otto—much to the hard-pressed purser's indignation.
Quinten The inscrutable landlord of Lostwing's tavern. and the leader of the village.
Rodney Murdoch Lord Commander of the Rosarian army. Not only is he a skilled warrior and loyal guardian of the Rosfield household, he is also a fine tutor—indeed, it was he who trained Clive in the secrets of swordplay. While he may be a hard taskmaster, his belief and trust in the Shields that serve under him make him a much-loved leader.
Royal Knight Lord Commander Lord Commander of the Kingdom of Waloed's armies. He accompanied his liege to Fort Zirnitra in the Republic of Dhalmekia to negotiate the provision of reinforcements from the Royal Order of Knights.
Sir Tyler A loyal shield of Rosaria and scion of a noble family. Tyler followed in his father's footsteps in entering the service of the duchy, rising to the position of righthand man to the Lord Commander. He was chosen by Lord Murdoch to accompany Clive on his expedition to Stillwind—a level head who could be trusted not only to obey the young lord marquess's orders and keep him safe, but to help keep the fiery Sir Wade in line.
Sir Wade A loyal shield of Rosaria chosen by Lord Commander Rodney Murdoch to accompany Clive on his expedition to Stillwind. Once but a low-born page, Wade was inspired to join the ranks after a wood pile fell on him, and his life was saved by a young Joshua.
Tarja Resident physicker of Cid's Hideaway. Tarja is an expert in all manner of medicines and medical interventions—skills that are indispensable in their deadland home, where they cannot call on healing magicks. After Cid brings an unconscious Jill back to the hideaway from his expedition to the Nysa Defile, she is placed into Tarja's care.
The Dominant of Fire A mysterious figure who was first seen amid the chaos of the imperial invasion of Phoenix Gate, immediately before the appearance of the second Eikon of Fire—the very Eikon that slew the heir to the ducal throne. Clive believes this man to be the Dominant who murdered his brother, and has sworn to take his revenge.
The Hooded Man A mysterious man that many believe to be the Dominant of Fire. Clive first saw him at Phoenix Gate on the night of the imperial invasion, and for years believed him to be the Dominant of the Eikon that killed his brother—but to clive's eternal chagrin, he is proved otherwise.
Tiamat A Bearer in the service of the Holy Empire of Sanbreque, Tiamat is the leader of the elite assassin squadron to which Wyvern is assigned—the Bastards. Their latest mission— to take the head of the Dominant of Shiva. To this end, they infiltrate the Nysa Defile, where the forces of the Republic of Dhalmekia and the Iron Kingdom are aligned against each other. The nnoe know his true name, rumor has it that the man now known as Tiamat was born a scion of a noble Sanbrequois family, and abandoned to his fate after his powers awakened.
Torgal Clive's faithful friend. Brought back from one of Archduke Elwin's expeditions to the frozen Northern Territories, where he was found half-starved and shivering in a snowfield, having presumably been separated from his pack. Elwin gifted the puppy to Clive upon his return, and the two became nigh inseparable.
Ultima An Otherworldly being that Clive encountered in the inner sanctum of Drake's Head. He addressed Clive as "Mythos" before attempting to berge their consciousnesses. However, CLive was able to summon the will to resist the creature, before Joshua returned from the dead to imprison it in a cage of flame that he sealed away in his own heart.
Wyvern A slave soldier for the Holy Empire of Sanbreque, now in his thirteenth year of servitude. Though drafted as a frontline infantryman, the magical might granted him by the Blessing of the Phoenix quickly saw him promoted to an elite squadron of assassins, where he was assigned the moniker by which he is now known. Their latest mission: to descend into the Nysa Defile, where bloody battle rages between the Iron Kingdom and the Republic of Dhalmekia, and take the head of Shiva's Dominant.

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