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Goblins A common species of beastman. While at first glance they may seem like mindless predators, goblins have their own unique language, and are skilled enough to both cast magicks and make rudimentary tools and weapons. While mostly found on the continent of Storm, the spread of the Blight has forced them to find homes nearby human settlements— a move that often ends in misunderstanding and bloodshed.
Second Eikon of Fire A fire-aspected Eikon that first emerged in the Year of the Realm 860, when imperial forces attacked the Rosarian stronghold of Phoenix Gate. Clad in infernal flame, the fiendish creature flung itself against the Phoenix, overpowering the Eikon with a strength and ferocity never seen before—or since.
Shiva The Warden of Ice, whose appearance on the battlefield makes her enemies' blood run cold. The Ironblood sent Shiva against the republican forces in the Nysa Defile, where she dulled against Titan, the Eikon of Earth.
Stolases Owls capable of transmitting the thoughts of others—specifically those with whom they are attuned. In response to an ancient incantation, their lithified "third eyes" store these thoughts in the form of aether, allowing them to be passed on as and when required—though only to the intended recipient. Stolases are mainly kept by royals, nobles, and other figures of authority for the purpose of sending secret or urgent messages, and are seldom available to commonfolk.

The incantation "O mia lost elan. Tu isag elythe" can be loosely translated as "My will is now thy burden. Ne'er cleft our bond shall be."

The Phoenix The Warden of Fire, whose strength resides within Joshua Rosfield, heir to the Rosarian throne. The Phoenix is always born in the ducal line, and is worshiped by the populace—not least because its flames of both destruction and regeneration have delivered the duchy from disaster many times over.
Titan The Warden of Earth, of whom Hugo Kupka is the current Dominant. He takes the form of a stone-skinned giant, whose granite fists shake the earth with every mighty pummel. Titan's Dominant awakens among the peoples of the Dhalmekian deserts—the recipient of his strength being granted great power and status by the republic in return for a commitment to protect the nation in times of war.

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