Category:Key Items

Key items are temporary items Clive finds and uses to complete various quests. They will disappear from his inventory after use.
Name Description
Adamantoise Shell Icon.png
Adamantoise Shell Dropped by Enemy
It is believed an adamantoise will grow a thin new layer to its protective shell once every two moons. Considering that many of the creatures live for hundreds of years, it should come as no surprise that the shells of older specimens can be several hands thick and weigh over fifty stone.
Aevis Skin Icon.png
Aevis Skin Dropped by Enemy
The thick, scaled skin of an aevis claimed by some to be as old as the mountains themselves...though it has most likely seen but a decade or two.
Bearer Comestibles Icon.png
Bearer Comestibles
Food prepared by Mathieu for three overworked and underfed Bearers employed in Northreach's garrison.
Bearer Registry Icon.png
Bearer Registry
A concise and disturbingly detailed record of Bearer orphan deaths at the Badbach Conservatory.
Bomb Ash Icon.png
Bomb Ash
It is hypothesized that the bomb's inclination to self-destruct during violent encounters is a form of collective preservation, akin to how a honeybee will sting a threat to the hive at the cost of its own life.
Box of Cigars Icon.png
Box of Cigars
After the leaves of the tobac plant are harvested, they are dried and cured for several moons to improve their flavor before being finely chopped and rolled inside a single uncut leaf. Though no other ingredients are added, the resulting cigars are possessed by the distinct aromas of vanilla, cherry, and clove.
Brandywine Icon.png
A potent spirit made by distilling wine and then aging in barrels for several decades. As such, it remains a luxury, even for the aristocracy.
Brass Cogwheel Icon.png
Brass Cogwheel
An overlooked component of Mid's deconstructed scales. Its purpose remains a mystery to all but Mid.
Bread and Wine Icon.png
Bread and Wine
While the loaf is slightly stale and the wine somewhat watered down, it will serve to fill an empty belly.
Bundle of Cloth Icon.png
Bundle of Cloth
Two bolts of the finest desert linen, one dyed bright crimson, the other a deep indigo, ordered by Hortense for use in tailoring dresses. As thanks for securing the delivery, the clothier has added scraps of silk, velvet, and embroidery to the bundle.
Continental Rum Icon.png
Continental Rum
A noisome spirit better suited to stripping oil from a painter's canvas then consumption. Grants overworked conscripts a few rare moments of sweet oblivion on their long arduous sea journeys north from the continent.
Elder Antelope Femur Icon.png
Elder Antelope Femur
Short of slaying a behemoth (or a coeurl, a bison, a minotaur, or an adamantoise), one would be hard-pressed to find a larger leg bone. If this does not satisfy Torgal's ancestral hunger, chances are nothing will.
Errmonea Leaf Icon.png
Errmonea Leaf
A wild herb that, when brewed into an infusion, can dull the pain of a barber's blade.
Essence of Rose Icon.png
Essence of Rose
It is said that the petals of twenty roses are required to distill a single drop of fragrant rose oil.
Foul Crystal Icon.png
Foul Crystal
A thin membrane of fetid muck covers this crystal which, still in its holder, otherwise appears undamaged.
From a Distance Icon.png
From a Distance
No mention is made as to the name of the author. Whether that is because the title page has been lost to time, or because the tome was published anonymously, it is impossible to say.
Gaoler's Key Icon.png
Gaoler's Key
A key to unlock the gate to Balmung Dark's eastern cellblock.
Garlic Icon.png
Garlic Sold in Shop
Alimentary alliums are a hallmark of classical Sanbrequois cuisine. So much so that it is a tradition for the emperor to award honorary titles to those responsible for supervising their cultivation and preparation in the Whitewyrm Castle kitchens-the so-called "Garlic Knight" among them.
Gysahl Greens Seeds Icon.png
Gysahl Greens Seeds
While chocobos adore gysahl greens, their human masters find them significantly less toothsome, turning to them only in times of hardship-most often after their faithful steeds have already been added to the pot.
Handwritten Receipt Icon.png
Handwritten Receipt
A proof of purchase for two bolts of linen—one blue, one red—from the clothier in Northreach.
Heartstone Icon.png
Heartstone Dropped by Enemy
Griffins suffer something akin to the crystals' curse, their flesh slowly turning to stone over a lifetime of channeling aether. Unlike Bearers, however, the effect is far more gradual, and limited to a sac around their hearts, the slower progress of petrification resulting in the formation of a gemstone of rare beauty.
Hearty Meal Icon.png
Hearty Meal
A simple yet sustaining dish of boiled eggs and spelt bread, lovingly assembled by the hideaway's resident mealsmith.
Heavy Purse Icon.png
Heavy Purse
Every jounce and jostle of this unexceptional leather sack is accompanied by an eerily melodic tinkling that is likely best ignored.
Iron Lantern Icon.png
Iron Lantern
Its body is dirty and dented, but its wick is still warm. All signs suggest that it was dropped by someone who either did not notice its absence, or was in such a hurry that they had not the time to return for it.
Kretov Report Icon.png
Kretov Report
A scroll containing the preliminary findings of the Undying's ill-starred venture into the ruins of Kretov, sealed with the wax imprint of a Phoenix feather.
List of Materials Icon.png
List of Materials
The noxious vapors that spilled from the cracks around a certain door in Cidolfus Telamon's deadland hideaway would sting the eyes and burn the nose of anyone who strayed too close. Combining every ingredient on this list would no doubt produce a similar result.
Lost Letter Icon.png
Lost Letter
A letter intended for delivery to the hideaway by the clumsy courier Glen, lost on the road due to an unfortunately placed hole in his pack.
Lost Supplies Icon.png
Lost Supplies
Supplies intended for delivery to the hideaway by the clumsy courier Glen, lost on the road due to an unfortunately placed hole in his pack.
Martelle Apples (Key Item) Icon.png
Martelle Apples (Key Item)
A basket of Martelle apples, grown and picked by Cormac for sample by hideaway residents.
Mikkelburg Report Icon.png
Mikkelburg Report
The Third Chair's report into the teachings of an Ashen savior cult, its outer edges stained with the same man's lifeblood.
Morbol Tendril Icon.png
Morbol Tendril Rewarded from Hunt
Extending from the underside of a morbol's body, these tendrils mainly serve the purpose of locomotion. When times are lean, however, they also can serve as temporary roots, drawing aetherial energies from the soil.
Morganbeard Icon.png
This rare flora has the unfortunate honor of being named for the water spirits that are believed to haunt the swamps of eastern Storm, trapping hapless wanderers in the morass that they might sup on the hope in their hearts. Infusions brewed from the flower's petals, by contrast, are quite tasty and known to cure all manner of ailments.
Mortal Remains Icon.png
Mortal Remains
When one finally succumbs to the crystals' curse, the last remaining aether are held within one's body is finally released, causing the lithified flesh to crumble and create the "dust" synonymous with a Bearer's passing.
On Gods and Men Icon.png
On Gods and Men
A heavy leather-bound tome containing the findings of one Anaximander of KKanver—a renowned theologian who spent most of his life chronicling Valisthea's diverse religious history.
Pepio Nuts Icon.png
Pepio Nuts Sold in Shop
The edible fruit of the pepio plant is prized by chocobo breeders-although the superstition that it lends a stud bird additional stamina seems largely founded on its blushing, swollen form than any quantifiable results.
Pit-coal Cinder Icon.png
Pit-coal Cinder
Sooty, black shards, recently removed from the equally sooty, black depths of the Dravozd mines. Scattering them over a fire produces a hot, crimson flame-for which effect the substance has long been highly prized by desert fortune-tellers looking to strike the fear of the inferno into their superstitious clients.
Pitcher Wax Icon.png
Pitcher Wax Dropped by Enemy
A sticky substance found in the pitcher of a carnivorous plant which thrives in the Rosarian lowlands.
Raptor Liver Icon.png
Raptor Liver Dropped by Enemy
Some naturalists believe that it is the blueback wyvern's proclivity to feed on carrion that results in their livers becoming so engorged, and that the saint's bonnets with which they follow their meals serve to ameliorate this effect. Others claim that it is the blooms themselves which cause the damage—the wyverns being so taken with the flower's taste that they cannot resist.
Saint's Bonnet Icon.png
Saint's Bonnet
While this pungent herb once known as drakesmint has no known curative properties, it does have the ability to mask foul odors and flavors, which is why it is found in recipes involving particularly foul-smelling flesh, such as the lights and livers of wild beasts.
Salamander Skin Icon.png
Salamander Skin Dropped by Enemy
Some species of salamander are wont to shed their tails in order to escape predators. Alas, all those of sufficient size to provide the unblemished stretch of skin that Cid's bellows require have no predator but mankind, and are disinclined to part with their appendage.
Salt Broth Icon.png
Salt Broth
A thin soup made from boiling down what few meager vegetables Hideaway cook Kenneth was able to acquire. At least it is warm. Somewhat.
Sealed Crate Icon.png
Sealed Crate
A heavy wooden crate, nailed fast and branded with a courier's iron.
Shipwright's Tallow Icon.png
Shipwright's Tallow
A thick, noisome lubricant made from the rendered fat of sea beasts. Commonly used by shipwrights on the cranes and winches they employ in shipbuilding.
Silver Chocobo Feather Icon.png
Silver Chocobo Feather
To the people of the north, silver chocobos are symbols of good fortune, the mere sight of one potentially meaning the difference between a failed harvest and a bumper crop...according to Gav, at least.
Spherical Echo Icon.png
Spherical Echo
No doubt the Fallen had some other purpose in mind for these contrivances than to stud them in a smelter, and would ridicule us for doing so, just as a man of the present day might laugh at a goblin using a carefully filed cogwheel to enliven his hat.
Spider Eye Icon.png
Spider Eye Dropped by Enemy
The creature from whom this orb was plucked is of the order commonly known as "weeping widows," whose venom is produced not in the salivary gland, but in the tear duct. They are wont to spin their webs in shaded bowers or the roofs of dark caves, and rain their paralytic tears upon any animal unlucky enough to pass beneath them. The prey, once rendered immobile, is bound in gossamer silk for later consumption.
Spring Lime Icon.png
Spring Lime
A brittle, white stone that "grows" in the restorative hot springs near Dalimil. When dried and milled into a fine powder, it can be added to molten iron to purge the metal of impurities.
Star Ruby Icon.png
Star Ruby
One of three brilliant gemstones acquired and set aside by Cid for a rainy day. Otto now deems that day to have arrived, and wishes to use the rubies to pay off three outstanding debts to Lady Charon, Martha of Martha's Rest, and Isabelle of the Veil.
Stardust Icon.png
Legend has it that a star once fell from the heavens and punctured a hole in the Dhalmekian desert, whence sprang forth the fountainhead of the River Velkroy.
Stonawort Icon.png
One of the few varieties of flora capable of resisting high concentrations of aether, this herb is most often found in and around aetherfloods, where the fauna that would feast on its nutritious roots oft fall prey to their Akashic cousins, if they don't turn themselves.
Sundered Whetstone Icon.png
Sundered Whetstone
A slab of rock quarried on the southern continent. Its unparalleled hardness makes it perfect for sharpening blades forged from all manner of metals, from bronze to adamantite.
Supply Kit Icon.png
Supply Kit
Sketches of ineffable devices seemingly drawn from the pages of a mad alchemist's notebook, and a list of the equally exotic alloys from which such things are smithed.
Tarnished Ring Icon.png
Tarnished Ring
It was the final wish of a dying Waloeder knight to see this ring placed upon the grave of his loving parents that he might be reunited with them in the next life.
The Final Piece Icon.png
The Final Piece
A small yet intricate clockwork contraption crafted, then hidden away by Cid in the hope that his intrepid daughter might one day find a use for it.
Thermal Plating Design Icon.png
Thermal Plating Design
Instructions on how to go about building oneself a full set of thermal plating to dissipate heat from around a mythril engine, should one find oneself in need of such a thing.
Thermal Shielding Designs Icon.png
Thermal Shielding Designs
A baffling diagram, made all the more confounding by the preponderance question marks that blemish its borders.
Trader's Pass Icon.png
Trader's Pass Rewarded from Quest
The raised letters upon this square of burnished bronze read, "By order of the Board of Delegates is the bearer of this Token bestowed all Rights and Permissions merited a Dominion merchant."
Treated Leather Icon.png
Treated Leather
A sample of supple hide, dressed to the artisan Kamil's exacting standards. It has nary a trace of the barnyard musk of lesser leathers, instead smelling faintly of rosehips.
Unwonted Violet Icon.png
Unwonted Violet Dropped by Enemy
The tails of certain species of scorpion are prized as a delicacy—the trace amounts of poison remaining in their flesh lending them a certain piquancy. The common marsh scorpion, however, not only lacks a stinger, but subsists on a diet of mudworms and bogmoss, lending its flesh an altogether more troubling tang.
Vineyard Soil Sample Icon.png
Vineyard Soil Sample
Rich, loamy earth gathered from the vineyards of Gaultand's Bales for use in the gardener Bohumil's experiments.
Weathered Comb Icon.png
Weathered Comb
An old, wooden comb gifted to Tatienne by Madame Isabelle. Several of the teeth appear to have been recently broken.
White Chocobo Pinion Icon.png
White Chocobo Pinion
A pristine plume, possibly plucked from the plump posterior of a bandit-bucking ’bo known to the provincials as “Whiteheart.”
Wild Wyvern Tail Icon.png
Wild Wyvern Tail
Records suggest that the wyvern tail was first cultivated for the purpose of distilling a purple dye from its petals. However, when the tended blooms were discovered to lose their hue over time, the gardeners of early Valisthea made the fateful decision to investigate the practical properties of their roots instead.
Wood Planks Icon.png
Wood Planks
Several lengths of weathered, slightly worm-eaten wood, salvaged and replaned to perfection for use in hideaway repairs.

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