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Castle Dazbog A castle built within the dome-like mountain that contains Drak's Fang. It is the primary residence of Hugo Kupka, Dominant of Titan, and is lavishly appointed to suit his extravagant tastes.
Cid's Hideaway A refuge hidden in the Blighted lands of central Storm, from which Cid operates his secretive community of freed Bearers. While survival in the deadlands is widely considered impossible, a combination of near-indestructible Fallen ruins and considerable ingenuity have led to the establishment of a safe haven where those who rally to their leader's cause are only just about able to eke out an albeit meager existence.
Fort Zirnitra A stronghold situated at the western end of the Nysa Defile in the Dhalmekian Republic. In the year 873, it served as the site of a meeting convened by the Dhalmekians with their Waloeder allies in an attempt to enlist their aid in driving back the Ironblood, who had been a thorn in their side since the Battle of the Twin Realms eight years before.
House Rosfield The highest of the noble houses of Rosaria. The Dominant of the Phoenix is always born into the Rosfield line, and so it is always a Rosfield who sits upon the ducal throne.
Phoenix Gate A walled keep situated near Rosaria's northwestern border. It was originally constructed to serve as an outpost in the wars against the Northern Territories, but it's true significance lies deep within the ruins atop which the stronghold stands. Here, in an ancient chamber accessible only to the Dominant of Fire, is held the Rite of Ancestral Communion—an important ritual in which it is believed that the Phoenix can hear the words of the duchy's forbears.
Rosalith Castle Situated in the heart of the ducal capital of Rosalith, it is from this towering ivory fortress that the Archduke and his family rule their nation. An architectural feat the Founder himself would be proud of, the castle has stood since the early days of the duchy, and watched over the rise of this proud nation and the people who inhabit the city beneath.
Stillwind Marsh An area of swampland that stretches northeast from Rosalith Castle. The odd village could once be found here, but nothing to compare to the lively settlements that line the main roads of the realm. And with the encroachment of the Blight and the creatures driven before it, even these scant settlements were soon deserted.
Storm The westerly of Valisthea's two great continents. With its frozen northern reaches, its temperate, marshy midlands, and the searing heat of the south, it boasts a breath of climes and cultures not seen anywhere else in the known realms.
The Bastards <tabber>

1= A unit of trained assassins deployed to the Nysa Defile, deep within Dhalmekian territory, and tasked with the elimination of an enemy Dominant.

The Dhalmekian Republic A nation formed from the Federation of five smaller states. It is located in the southern half of the continent of Storm, and has its capital at Ran'dellah. It is also home to the mothercrystal known as Drake's Fang. There is no official state religion, and citizens are free to worship as they please. Dhalmekia's key political entity is the parliament, which is formed of ministers representing each of the states, with the prime minister at its head.
The Ducal Army The loyal soldiery of the Duchy of Rosaria. They serve under the standing army's lord commander, whose task it is to enact the will of their sovereign, the archduke. Those Who show sufficient aptitude, or who are blessed with sufficient nobility of birth, are made "Shields"—personal retainers to the archduke himself.
The Grand Duchy of Rosaria A nation occupying the western reaches of the continent of Storm, with Rosalith as its capital. Rosaria was originally formed from a collection of smaller dominions, all of which now stand united under the banner of Archduke Elwin Rosfield. Not possessing a Mothercrystal of its own, the duchy has long been locked in bitter conflict with the Iron Kingdom over possession of Drake's Breath, which lies still further to the west, in the midst of the Boiling Sea.
The Holy Empire of Sanbreque A nation occupying the northeastern reaches of the continent of Storm, with the great city of Oriflamme as its capital. Sanbreque is the realm's largest theocracy, and home to the Mothercrystal Drake's Head. Under the rule of the holy emperor, the people of Sanbreque enjoy a life of plenty thanks to the crystal's blessing, which they believe to be a gift from the goddess Greagor Herself.
The Imperial Army The assembled forces of the Holy Empire of Sanbreque. While officially under the command of the cardinals, it is the Holy Emperor Sylvestre Lesage whom the legions truly serve. On the battlefield, the dragoons—peerless lancers renowned throughout the realm—are the empire's keenest weapon, descending from the skies to sow terror and disarray among their hapless foes.
The Iron Crusade The fighting forces of the Iron Kingdom. Ultimate command rests with the king, who issues orders directly to the commanders of each of his battalions. Ironblood soldiers generally prefer heavy clubs and great axes over swords and other lighter weapons. This rather brutal approach is indicative of their overall attitude, which has earned them a reputation on the continent as Savage, if somewhat primitive warriors.
The Iron Kingdom Also known in the local tongue as Haearann, the Iron Kingdom is an archipelago nation situated off the west coast of Storm, with its capital at Creag Loisgte. The Mothercrystal, Drake's Breath, rises from a volcanic island situated just within...or without...its borders (depending on whom you ask), and has been the subject of long-standing conflict between the Ironblood and the neighboring Duchy of Rosaria. The Iron Kingdom's inhabitants shun any contact with outsiders, which has given rise to a unique, if largely inward-looking, culture.
The Kingdom of Waloed The sole surviving nation in Ash. Waloed has its capital at Stonhyrr, home to the Mothercrystal of Drake's Spine. A warlike land, it's considerable military might serve to keep neighboring countries at bay. While Waloed does maintain a notional alliance with the Dhalmekian Republic in southern Storm, it is very much a marriage of convenience.
The Men of the Fist Dhalmekia's standing army. While officially an organ of the Republic, each of its five states is granted relative autonomy with regard to the management of its troops. Aside from certain specialized squads, battle deployments are mostly comprised of small units employing a mixture of foot soldiers and battlemages. The former are known and feared for their curved swords and prodigious axes, and the deadly skill with which they wield them.
The Night of Flames An imperial attack on Rosarian forces stationed at Phoenix Gate made under the cover of night in the year 860. Archduke Elwin Rosfield was killed in the fighting, as were his two sons, though the bodies of the latter were never recovered, having thought to have been wholly consumed by hellfire. The attack was widely rumored to have been facilitated by the traitorous Duchess Anabella, although official explanations attempted to shift the blame onto the Phoenix having run inexplicably rampant.
The Northern Territories A bitterly cold region in the northern reaches of the continent of Storm. It was originally home to the Mothercrystal known as Drake's Eye, around which a series of small nations sprang up—nations whose belligerence proved troublesome for Rosaria over the centuries. In time, however, the Mothercrystal's power dwindled, and with it, the power of these warlike nations. With the Blight encroaching on their territory even more, the remaining tribes were united and pacified by Archduke Elwin Rosfield of Rosaria in the year 854.
The Nysa Defile A deep, arid Valley located in the eastern part of the Dhalmekian Republic. During the Battle of the Twin Realms in 865, it was the site of repeated skirmishes as the Iron Kingdom attempted to make incursions into the Dhalmekian territory.

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