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Bearer A person with the power to cast magicks without a crystal. In Valisthea, men and women who awaken as Bearers are enslaved. They are marked with a brand upon their cheek and used as tools—a cheaper alternative to the scarce and precious shards. This system of slavery has persisted for centuries, and has become so ingrained in Valisthean life that few take pity upon the Bearer's plate, seeing them as less than human.
Brand The mark applied to the cheeks of Bearers, identifying them as something other than human. The great nations of Valisthea have a long-standing accord to brand their Bearers in this way, that the slaves might be traded across borders.
Branded Soldier Bearers forced to fight for the nations that enslaved them. Able to cast powerful magicks yet entirely disposable, they are often placed on the front lines in battle, or assigned to highly dangerous scouting or assassination missions.
Dominant Those within whom sleeps the power of an Eikon. Though they look and think no differently to any other man or woman, they cannot only cast elemental magicks without a crystal, but also transform themselves into beasts of world-shattering strength at any moment—a quality for which they are honored, worshiped, and feared the realm over.
First Shield Title granted to the mightiest and most stalwart Shield of the Rosarian army. The First Shield is entrusted with the personal protection of the Dominant of the Phoenix, and is gifted a portion of the Eikon's power over flame—a boon known as the Blessing of the Phoenix.
Metia The burning red star that sits beneath the moon. Folklore ascribes to Metia the role of message-bearer to the moon, so it is common custom across Valisthea to wish upon the star, that one's heartfelt desires might be conveyed to the heavens and beyond.
The Blessing of the Phoenix The boon Joshua bestowed upon his brother upon Clive's ordination as First Shield, allowing him to wield fire-aspected magic without a crystal. It has long been custom in Rosaria for the Dominant of the Phoenix to share a part of their power in this way, performing this "Right of Rejuvenation" upon those they appoint as their protectors that they might serve them the better.
The Crystals' Curse (Mysteries of the Realm) The price Bearers and Dominants pay for channeling aether through their bodies—the gradual petrification of their flesh. It does not affect those who use a crystal to cast magicks. Beginning with a stiffness and aches in the extremities, as the curse progresses, limbs are rendered immobile and the pain unbearable. At last, the victim turns completely to stone and their body crumbles into dust. There is no known cure.
The Deadlands Baron wastes bereft of aether, where no life stirs, and magic is all but unusable. Here, both earth and water are stained black, preventing any seed from quickening. In recent years, the Blight has spread ever more widely, displacing whole nations before it, driving once peaceful fauna to violent desperation, and leaving silent devastation in its wake.
The Fallen An ancient yet highly advanced civilization, whose relics can be found across the length and breadth of Valisthea. The material from which these relics are constructed is far sturdier than steel, and cannot be worked by modern methods, so the people of the modern day have elected to build inside and around them instead.
The Mothercrystals Enormous glassy mountains, five of which tower over the lands of Valisthea. They are the source of all the crystals that the people of the Twins rely on in their everyday Lives. Not only that, but the lands surrounding them are rich with aether, making the magicks the crystals cast even more potent. For these reasons, great nations have sprung up around each Mothercrystal and have long warred with each other for possession of their blessings.

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