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Name Description
Aerial Attack Icon.png
Aerial Attack
Use Playstation Square.png while in the air to chain up to three consecutive attacks.
Burning Blade Icon.png
Burning Blade
Hold Playstation Square.png to imbue Clive's blade with fire. Release to unleash a powerful attack.
Charged Magic Icon.png
Charged Magic
Hold Playstation Triangle.png to increase the potency of a magic spell. Release to cast.
Dodge Icon.png
Use Playstation R1.png to move swiftly out of harm's way.
Downthrust Icon.png
Use Playstation X.png + Playstation Square.png while in the air to strike down.
Jump Icon.png
Use Playstation X.png to jump.
Lunge Icon.png
Use Playstation X.png + Playstation Square.png to swiftly close in and attack a distant army.
Magic Burst Icon.png
Magic Burst
Use Playstation Triangle.png immediately after landing a melee attack to deliver a close-ranged magic burst.
Magic Icon.png
Use Playstation Triangle.png to launch an elementally aspected spell at a distant target.
Melee Attack Icon.png
Melee Attack
Use Playstation Square.png to strike an opponent. Use in succession to chain up to four attacks.
Precision Dodge Icon.png
Precision Dodge
Executing a dodge with Playstation R1.png at the moment of an enemy attack not only increases evasion efficacy, but also allows for counterattacks using either Playstation Square.png or Playstation Triangle.png .
Stomp Icon.png
Use Playstation X.png while in the air to kick off a nearby enemy, increasing jump height and duration.
Swift Recovery Icon.png
Swift Recovery
Use Playstation R1.png to recover immediately after being knocked back or down by an enemy.
Taunt Icon.png
Use Playstation R2.png + Playstation Pad.png to pull the attention of an enemy target.

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