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Name Description
Arm of Darkness Icon.png
Arm of Darkness
Replace Clive’s current weapon with Odin’s blade. Landing abilities with the Arm of Darkness fills the Zantetsuken gauge. Hold Playstation Square.png to execute Zantetsuken.
Dancing Steel Icon.png
Dancing Steel
Summon a second blade and unleash a flurry of attacks. Each hit landed significantly fills the Zantetsuken gauge.
Gungnir Icon.png
Summon the legendary spear Gungnir and execute an extended flourish of deadly slices and strokes. Each hit landed fills the Zantetsuken gauge.
Heaven's Cloud Icon.png
Heaven's Cloud
Surge forward to strike an enemy. Can be executed multiple times in succession if previous hit lands. Each hit landed fills the Zantetsuken gauge.
Rift Slip Icon.png
Rift Slip
Use to recover immediately from any ability or action.

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