Riddle of the Sands

Main Scenario Icon.pngRiddle of the Sands
Vivian succeeds in piecing together the puzzle of Hugo's disappearance—his Waloeder allies carried him across the Velkroy Desert to his home in the heart of Drake's Fang, where he remains to this day. Clive and Byron waste no time in giving chase.
FFXIVBullet-2.png Make for the Dalimil Inn.
FFXIVBullet-2.png Defeat the royalists.
FFXIVBullet-2.png Make for Drake's Fang.
FFXIVBullet-2.png Speak with the townspeople. 0/2
FFXIVBullet-2.png Speak with the villagers.
FFXIVBullet-2.png Speak with Ferda.
FFXIVBullet-2.png Make for the bordello.
FFXIVBullet-2.png Defeat the bandits.
FFXIVBullet-2.png Make for the Lock of Leisure.
FFXIVBullet-2.png Fulfill L'ubor's request.
FFXIVBullet-2.png Make for Drake's Fang.
FFXIVBullet-2.png Enter Drake's Fang.

Enemies: Royal OsfreyrBack-alley Bruiser
NPCs Involved: Riverboat Captain, Stallholder, Traveling Trader
Unlocks Hunt:
• Fastitocalon
Available Side Quests:
• Carving Out a Niche
• Hot Water
Required Side Quests:

• Follow the Crystals


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