Persons of Interest Icon.pngCharon
One of Cid's most trusted allies. A merchant who calls the hideaway her home. With a little help from her hardworking yet long-suffering apprentice Goetz, she can source whatever supplies the residents of the hideaway need—provided they are willing to pay. She wears a glass eye in her right socket.

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Location The Hideaway - The Great Hall

About Charon

Taking an interest, are you? Wondering why such a comely, cultured lasy would cast her lot with this rabble?
Because she's got a special arrangement with the rabble rouser, that's why. I scratch Cid's back, and he scratched mine.
Use me old trading connections to bring in whatever him and his little band need, and they pay what I ask.
And to sweeten the deal, he's given me a home here, far from the prying eyes of those who'd wish me ill—and there's no shortage of them, believe you me.