Anabella Rosfield

Persons of Interest Icon.pngAnabella Rosfield
Duchess of Rosaria, wife of Archduke Elwin, and mother to Clive and Joshua.

While she adores her younger son, she treats Clive and Jill with not but thinly veiled contempt.

It was not only her beauty but her connection to a bloodline that produced many previous Dominants of the Phoenix that led to her being proposed as a bride for the young Archduke—indeed, the two are cousins. Having known from a young age that her purpose in life was to preserve her Phoenix-bearing bloodline, she dotes on Joshua and scorns Clive.
It was ever her purpose in life to preserve her Phoenix-bearing bloodline, for which reason she betrayed her husband, that she might enter in league with a force she judged the mightier—the Holy Empire of Sanbreque. It was Annabella's treachery that led to the disaster at Phoenix Gate.

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